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Feb 7, 2021

UPS Delivery Issue

Hello, I live in a building with 24-hour security, but UPS states that two attempts were made, Friday and Saturday Feb 5th and 6th to deliver the package (see below), but there was no recipient available. That is not accurate as UPS did indeed make deliveries to other tenants in my building on both days. 


I was never contacted by anyone regarding these failed deliveries, nor is there a UPS hangar with a 12-digit code to provide an alternate delivery method anywhere to be found. 


I have paid for this expensive product in full and don’t appreciate being left in limbo with no product. 


Re: UPS Delivery Issue

Hello Shahinf78, 


Thank you for posting and welcome to the Bose Community! 


We are sorry to hear that you have had this experience with your order. This isn't something we can assist with via the Community as we don't have the customer support tools to do so. If you could please reach out to your regional customer support team via the Contact Us page here, our team will be able to assist further with this.

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