Community Manager

Welcome to the aviation board

Welcome to the Community!


While creating a new topic on the aviation board, and so that we have all the key information we need to better assist you, please include the following information:
• Country of residence
• Headset model and connector type
• Aircraft make/model
• Comm system make/model
• Does this happen in a different aircraft?
• Can the issue be reproduced?


Additionally, please let us know if you have tried the following trouble shooting steps:

• Did you reconnect the headset securely?
• Did you try new batteries?
• Are the ear cushions in good condition still?
• Is the headset/aircraft damaged or modified?
• Have you recently switched the mic from one side of the headset to the other?
• Anything else you have tried?


Thank you very much for your contribution and we look forward to hearing from you!