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May 26, 2020

bluetooth but to make phone calls

I decided to pay extra for my A20, but I figured the Bluetooth was worth it, until i found out bluetooth  can only be used to make phone calls! What about my music? That was the only reason I paid the extra... and who in the world makes phone calls from an airplane?

So very disappointing! I now hear Bose figured out the ridiculous mistake, and the newer A20s can be used for music... can anyone tell me if it is possible to replace the cable and make it work?

Shame, Bose... shame!

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Mar 12, 2020

Re: bluetooth but to make phone calls

Hi av8Tr,

I thought I might try and help you with this one if I may? I am a heavy user of Bose Headsets and can understand your frustration. The Headsets were developed over the years and the A20 when it came out was a huge step change over the X series. I bought my first A20 years ago and was really thrilled with the Comfort, Bluetooth Phone addition and the 3.5mm Jack and lead to plug in a music source direct to the Headset. I used the connected phone to call for clearances etc before start, or for Airfields enroute for weather etc before start. The 3.5mm Jack was omitted from the iphone I upgraded to and stopped the music interface, not that I used it much as where I fly, as the Radio is very busy.

To catch up with this change, Bose made an improvement to the Bluetooth standard to allow Music over Air, in addition to the phone Option. To answer your question, yes, you can buy an upgraded Mic and Lead to suit your Headset, as it comes as a complete item. This can be obtained direct from Bose or their approved online retailers? It is an easy swap on the Headset by loosening two little screws and plugging in the new Mic to the Headset Cup and re-tightening the Screws. Your removed Mic will have value and will sell to anyone who is not fussed about the upgraded Bluetooth Option.

I hope this helps a little?

All the best,