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Dec 18, 2019

hearing aids batteries drained by headphone use and noise cancellation

I wear hearing aids .  I have A20 noise cancellation headsets. I have  4 questioons

1. I am still not catching everything ATC is saying .

2.Noise cancellation does not work all the time

3. Headphone use quite often  completely depleting hearing aid batteries

4. Would it be better to turn off hearing aids and use just the headphones. Have not tried it


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Mar 12, 2020

Re: hearing aids batteries drained by headphone use and noise cancellation

An older post, but in the absence of a reply and in an attempt to offer some suggestions:-

I used to take my Hard of hearing Mother up in my R44. She found the Audio output of the A20's incredible. Coupled with the Noise cancelling taking out extraneous noises too, she said it made the flying a wonderful experience and no need for Hearing Aids at all.

Assuming your hearing Aids are used on a voice activated basis - one must assume constant noise would run the batteries down quicker? Using the same assumption - they would be depleted the same whatever the headset option - on or off when flying?

Wearing of Sunglasses or Spectacles with reasonably thick behind-Ear support arms will affect the performance of the Noise Cancelling Bose X's or A20's. A neat, comfortable seal is required against the Head for maximum performance.

May I suggest on the ground using the Intercom and with a co pilot or Pax, try the options out without hearing aids and see which suits you best - on or off.