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Sep 10, 2019

3D printed charging stand.

Hey frames peeps,

I'm a technology teacher from Sydney - OZ
I recently picked up the Frames so I could discreetly listen to music on playground duty and between classes.
Turns out kids figured out my clever ruse really quickly and absolutely love them.

Anyway long story short I wanted a quicker and cleaner charging solution that didn't require me to fiddle with the cable.

I've designed a sort of industrial looking frame that supports the charging cable that you can just snap the Leg on to.
It's 3D printed with PLA plastic and held in place with double-sided tape.

Let me know if you'd like the files, There's a little work involved in getting it assembled (3 parts - 3 prints)


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Jan 1, 2020

Re: 3D printed charging stand.

From Virginia, USA.  I love your charging stand.  Would you mind posting your STL files on a public site like, “thingiverse.com”, for example, so others can benefit from your design talents as well?