Alto Nose Slippage (FIX)

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Alto Nose Slippage (FIX)

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My Bose Alto's as much as I love them, had an issue slipping on my nose (assuming it is due to my nose being thin and the weight) they fit identical to my Ray-Bans but are slightly heavier so I was confused. The Ray-Bans are actually slightly longer, so it made no sense. I went on to Amazon and found myself a solution just by winging it, and it is extremely effective and makes the glasses sit right and comfortable. Hopefully, links are allowed in posts.....


A fantastic $6 solution, with free shipping. 

I bought these guys and they are extremely discreet on the nose piece, and barely noticeable at all. If you go this route, please respond on this post and let me know if it helped you all. Bose, I hope you might add nose pieces as an accessory to purchase along with the glasses. I prefer officially licensed and original modifications rather than using a random brand. Thanks all and enjoy! 


Re: Alto Nose Slippage (FIX)

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Thank you for posting and welcome to the Bose Community. 


We're happy to hear you're enjoying Bose Frames and we also appreciate you sharing a solution for the issue you're running into.


I will be sure to pass this feedback along to development and share what you've suggested.


What type of scenarios do you enjoy your Bose Frames in?


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