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Jun 21, 2020

Bone conductive safety glasses?

I mostly just wanted to know if there is any possibility that you will be releasing any safety glasses or otherwise more rugged bones conducive headphones. You see, at my place of work headphones are not allowed because that would mean sacrificing ear protection as it is a noisy environment, but if we could have them somehow integrated into our safety glasses it shouldn’t be a problem. However while my job is relatively low impact, I can imagine that most people who would be interested in a similar product would want something more durable and water proof, at least to the extent of allowing use in the rain. Anyway, if any such product is ever made by your company, there is a long line of factory/construction workers just waiting to buy it, so I’ll be waiting patiently with them.


Re: Bone conductive safety glasses?

Hello Spencer M. 


Welcome to the forums! 


What a great suggestion! I will be sure to mention this to the development team for future consideration. 


Thanks for sharing your idea with us!

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