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Nov 16, 2019

Bose Alto M/L

Alright so I had won a pair of Bose Frames Alto at a drawing from work. I tried them on when I got home from work but they kept slipping off of my face. So I went on the Bose website to look up the different sizes of the frames I noticed they have a S/M and M/L. So I looked up the glasses serial number and found out that mine were the M/L which are way too big for my face. Is there anyway I can trade them in for the smaller frames S/M. I registered the serial number to prove that I own them but would the warranty allow me to trade them in ??? 


Re: Bose Alto M/L

Hello superman921y, 


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! 


Our customer support team should be able to assist you with this, you can get in contact with them by clicking this link, then kindly scroll and select your region, once this is done please scroll to Contact Us. The team will be on hand and ready to help.


If any other users have the same question please contact the support team via the link above. 


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Hector B - Community Support