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Mar 4, 2019

Bose Frames without lenses

I want/need Bose to explain why they do not offer their product for prescription use. I understand it requires FDA approval, like that's a problem for a company as prestigious as Bose to get that approval. By only marketing to non prescription eyeglass wearers takes money off the table that would be there for people like me. Nikon has eyeglass frames, and they make cameras not the glass, and the frames but not the prescription lenses. By now the due diligence for feasibility of profit should have been done. Then when the question comes back they can give a honest answer why it can not happen at this time. I just want access to this technology.

Re: Bose Frames without lenses

Hi Proud2bBlack,


I'm happy to let you know we do have an update about prescription lenses for your Frames. 


As of 12/19/19 Bose Frames are now "prescription-ready" in the United States! This means for existing and new customers in the US only, your warranty will now be upheld should you choose to add prescription lenses (sunglasses or other) to your Bose Frames through any licensed prescription lens installer, regardless of the date you purchased them. More information on this can be found HERE.


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