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Oct 5, 2020

Bose Glasses Tip Adjustable

Hi Bose,


I'm looking to buy two of your glasses with a prescription (e.g. programming/computer use and athletic use). I run into a problem with every pair of glasses where they tend to slip completely off after a few minutes. Are your glasses adjustable at the tips?


I need them to be able to fold further downward for a snug hold onto my ears. Your glasses are at about a 30-degree fold at best, but many glasses are about a 45-degree fold at stock. I need about a 60-degree fold. Especially for the athletic glasses which seem to have a rubber grip with a 0-degree fold. In my many years, no rubber grip has ever been enough. The only change in the performance of keeping my glasses on for daily use is by having an adjustment to the tips of the frame. 


45-degree fold at the tips45-degree fold at the tips30-degree fold at the tips30-degree fold at the tips

0-degree fold at the tips0-degree fold at the tips




If your answer is a no, consider:

  • Making the tips removable so a 3rd party can adjust them. Just make sure you are aware that they need to be strong enough that they don't clip off.
  • Provide adjusted tips just as you do for your bose noise canceling in-earphones (30, 45, 60-degree folds).
  • Team with largely known optometry which is specialized in doing such adjustments for you (many do this already).



What alternative options do you think is possible to achieve the needed fit to make it possible?




Re: Bose Glasses Tip Adjustable

Hey MarkLuna, 


Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to the Bose Community!


Regarding your query, you are unable to manually adjust the fit of the Frames. I have marked this post as a feature request so the relevant team is able to view your feedback. Thank you.


If there is anything else we can do for you, please reach out again! 

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