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Nov 8, 2020

Bose Tenor Disappointing Audio Quality Due To Equalizer Or Hardware

Hi, I just replaced my Alto Frames for the Tenor Frames after having to replace the Altos twice due to the hinge breaking. I bought my first pair when they had just released and they sounded great. the bass response and the volume was great until the hinge broke. I replaced them and I noticed right away the difference in audio quality on the second pair but I keep them thinking it was a firmware issue until the hinge broke again last week, exactly one year and to week after purchase. Good thing I bought the extended warranty again. Then I took my broken Alto's to Best Buy to get them replace and I noticed they had three more styles, I bought the Tenor Frames and I ended paying $ 119.00 dollars more for the Tenor's. I tried them on once I got home and charged them, what a huge mistake I made, the audio quality is terrible, it seems like they changed the drivers or they changed the manufacture of the drivers. I really hope a firmware update can fix the bad audio quality at higher volume levels. I did notice at low volume they sound better but still not as expected. I am really considering taking them back to Best Buy for a refund after how disappointed I feel on the audio quality. Anybody else feels or experienced the same issues as me?