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Feb 5, 2020

Bose rondo

Upon receiving a phone call The volume of the phone call is always super low and I have to switch from my frames to my phone and back to my frames for volume in Frames to be normal. Just updated and it is still happening . 


Re: Bose rondo

Hey Cspec curt,


That's quite an unusual issue! I apologize for any inconvenience caused, but I'll be happy to assist you with this.


You may have noticed that the Frames firmware release 4.1.4 addressed fixing the issue of "a bug that led to low audio on incoming phone calls". Could you confirm that your Frames are running this particular firmware version? To find out this information, go into 'Settings' on your Bose Connect app and look under 'Techincal Info'. Further information regarding this firmware release can be found HERE.


In addition, I thought I'd let you know that I went ahead tested your issue with a set of Rondo Frames, using an iPhone XS Max, where I was not able to duplicate the drop in volume when receiving the call. 


Would you be able to let me know the model of the phone, the iOS and also the firmware version of the Frames? Also, what audio do you listen to usually before you take the call?



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