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Nov 14, 2020

Dangerous when worn riding a bicycle

I just saw an advert for Bose Frames.  Great idea (though not very original), but what is good that a company that produces reputable sound equipment is making them.


The bad idea is that you're implicating that they're to be used when riding a bicycle.  I have literally ridden my bicycle around the world and the most dangerous country for cyclist is the USA!  When one rides a bike in the USA one needs to use all six senses to stay alive:  Sight, touch, taste, smell, prescience and HEARING. 


OK, I joke, primarily one use sight and hearing and hearing is 40% of avoiding disaster.  You take that away when you cycle and you're gonna get whacked.  Every serious cyclist I know has tried to listen to music while riding and everyone of them stopped doing in very short order.  For me it was less than 300 meters.


Cool idea but not for cyclists, stop showing the advert with the cyclist, that's irresponsible.  Pick some other sport, like parasailing or scuba diving 😉



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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Dangerous when worn riding a bicycle

That's actually part of the point of these.  They don't close you off from the world and leave you with awareness, while giving you some background music. 


It's not like headphones that block your ear canals.  So pedestrians crossing the street can still hear the car approaching from the side, and a cyclist will hear all the traffic around them.  They are similar idea to the bone conduction headphones that haven't really taken off.


The first series actually were not great for cycling, but more because the wind going past your ears drowned out the music.  I haven't tried the new ones, but since they have an "active" set I assume they have improved on that.