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Oct 20, 2019

Frames are disappointment

I just bought your your frames via a friend who visited USA last week and brought to me after coming back to Turkey. 


Everything seemed normal until I opened it.

I opened the box and charged the frames. I use a Samsung Note 9 mobile phone and paired to it.


There are many issues that BOSE have to solve. Please note down all these issues as feedback.


First of all, the case of the glasses are useless, it will deforme easily because of highly strong magnetic lock.


Second issue, frames plastic feels way too much cheap. Touching frames feels like a 5-10$ plastic glasses made in China. BOSE should have to get a know-how from a real sunglasses maker like Ray-Ban, Carrera, Tag Heuer, Gucci etc.


And important of all is the thing that the main subject why I bought it; Sound!


Sound loudness is weak. Yes you can hear it but not enough, especially when you are on outside. It should be 2 times higher. And the weakest point of the sound is bass. You can not listen a music having bass sounds because its distorted. So all the music you are listening have to be treble based musics.


Also there is a problem with phone calls. Microphone works really well but its not the same on speakers. You can only talk easily in a silent room. You can not hear the person talking to you when you are outside, sound is really weak on phone calls outside where noise is less or much doesn't matter. You can only solve this problem after answering phone with switching off bluetooth and reconnecting again while the call still contiues. So this is a firmware fault needed to be developed asap.


Please note down all these feedbacks and try to improve the product.


Last thing you have to develop a charging case for the frames. Maybe you are planning to sell it as an accessory, I don't know.


These are one day real user feedback so I believe you will response quickly.


Best wishes from Turkey,