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Sep 18, 2020

Low Volume On Alto Sunglass Large

Hello, will there be an update for these frames? I understand that it is an open concept and not in ear, but it is pretty low at max volume. I tried max volume from my phone and tried it separately from the frames. Same issue. If they can boost up the volume a bit, I believe it will be helpful and boost sales for anyone who want to buy the product for themselves or gift for others.


Re: Low Volume On Alto Sunglass Large

Hey Antrod71,


Thank you for your feedback regarding the Bose Alto Frames. I hope you're continuing to enjoy your pair! Keep your product firmware updated to ensure you receive the latest bug fixes and feature releases.


If you're enthusiastic about the Frames tech, you may find benefit in checking out our latest additions, the Tempo, Soprano, and Tenor Frames. Let me know if you have any other queries!

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