Multiple bluetooth connections, Charging case, Replaceable lenses

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Multiple bluetooth connections, Charging case, Replaceable lenses

Great product release by Bose! I'm truly enjoying my Rondo Frames.  A few suggestions I was surprised to see absent from the product.


1. Multiple bluetooth connections. Unlike the QC30 or QC35, the Frames only allow you to connect to one device at a time.  I was surprised it didn't allow me to connect to two devices like other Bose headphones.

2. Charging case. I think this product would greatly benefit from a case that was a built-in charger.  Think about how the Apple Airpods and case work.  The Frames slip in and automatically charge.  To charge the Frames otherwise, the user could plug into the case (much easier than nestling to the Frames themselves or use the connector located on the Frames if a case is not readily available.

3. Swappable lenses. My Oakleys have an option where I can buy other types of lenses for different environments (e.g. golfing vs. driving).  I can buy the lenses and quickly swap them out (and even store them in the case) without having to buy a completely new set of glasses.  This would actually help take care of amber or clear lens options others have suggested. 


BONUS: Waterproof. Would love it if my Frames were waterproof so I could feel comfortable wearing them at the beach or pool w/o fear of getting them damaged by water.


Great innovation! Looking forward to the Bose AR.


Re: Multiple bluetooth connections, Charging case, Replaceable lenses

Hi Tran101,


Thanks for posting. Those are some great ideas that we will pass along to our product development team!




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