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Jun 16, 2020

My Bose glasses just stopped and I'm going on deployment

My wife brought for me as a Christmas gift, and not that I'm getting ready to Deploy they stopped working. I live in Japan and the Japanese company told me that I have to deliver to a see what is wrong with them. I think she payed 200 dollars for them. its unsatisfying that they only last for a couple of months. I'm a true Bose supporter just surprised to see this. after reading the treads seems like there is a problem with them. I just want them fixed so I can enjoy.


Re: My Bose glasses just stopped and I'm going on deployment

Hello CMCDerson, 


Welcome to the forums. 


I am sorry to hear that your glasses have stopped and would love to see if I can help at all? In order for me to help, I need some more information as to what's going wrong with the glasses, what you are connecting them to, and as much detail as you can provide as this will help speed up the resolution for you. 


I look forward to your reply. 

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