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Oct 11, 2020

My frames doesn't turn on (after one time warranty exchange)

I had exchanged my bose frames which hinge plastic was broken 3 month ago. South korea reseller Seki offered me "one time warranty" that they blamed me instead of weak plastic parts.

ok. at that time that's ok. after the exhange. i used my frames with carefully. However, my bose frames is now in power failure state without any reason. I can't recharge my frames with any other chargers. I cannot connect it with computer USB port. There is no respond at all. NO LED blinking. It turns as just heavy plastic sunglass. 

Already It voided with one time warranty, now I am really frustrated with this Frames quality. There are so many people who suffered with this same issue.

I had about 8 months great time, but now I am totally disappointed. Who made sunglass which have expired time under 1 year?


Re: My frames doesn't turn on (after one time warranty exchange)

Hey @crorn,


I'm sorry to hear you're encountering difficulty charging your Frames, and I can understand your frustrations. If you're not able to get any response from the Frames, it would be best to look into the service options once more to fix things. This will be the best way to resolve the issue you're experiencing.


As you are based in South Korea, you can find the contact details for support HERE. Let me know if you have any queries regarding this.

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