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Oct 7, 2015

New Firmware Available – 2.3.1 for Bose Frames

As of Wednesday, March 6th, 2019, a new firmware version (2.3.1) is being released for the Bose Frames (Alto and Rondo) products. This update is available through the Bose Connect App as well as through the Bose Updater Site (


Of particular note, this release enables support for Bose Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. Please note that this will also require an update of the Bose Connect App to fully enable these experiences. 


Below is a chart of previous and new firmware versions:



Previous version

New version

Bose Frames (Alto and Rondo)





Release Notes

  • Support for Bose AR – an innovative audio-only take on augmented reality!
  • Head nod (Yes) and shake (No) gesture recognition
  • Improved speakerphone tuning
  • Improved Bose AR performance (sensor data throughput and stability, corrected accelerometer and gyroscope accuracy values)
  • Other bug fixes and improvements