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Jun 9, 2019



I have been enjoying Bose Frames since it has been introduced. It really changed my life because it set my ears free. But one thing has been my continuing concern about using it, because Bose Frames seems to have problem with power. I bought it from Best Buy with Geek Squad insurance, and I changed it for 5 times due to the power problem, which I have the problem again. Now, I inquired Bose Korea to get a replacement, because I am in Korea. Unfortunately, they don’t sell Bose Frames Alto Large but only small one. I am only allowed to get replacement to the small one. In this case, is there any way that I could get replacement for large one in Korea? Thank you!

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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Replacement

They can't help you to service your products through this page.  You would be best to try and contact the US repairs/service email (visit the US site and try the "contact us" form.


Saying that for any geek squad insurance you probably need to be in the US.  I believe most Asia/Pacific countries don't have the large frames so you would have to go through the US support anyway.