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Feb 3, 2017

SOLVED Prescription lenses recommendation for Canadians & Americans

Hi all!

I started a thread back in 2019, just shortly after the Bose frames came out. I was looking for options to have my prescription added into my Alto. We were limited here in Canada, but I have finally found an online eyeglasses supplier that “reglaze” Bose lenses. That is the key is to find someone that provides prescription lenses; a reglaze service. I finally pulled the trigger 2 weeks ago and they came in today. They are amazing! They put the same tint as the original lenses and I am so happy with them. The company is called Optically. I think they are from Australia but they have a lens lab in Toronto and in the states. Their canadian web site is and (not .com) for the states. I got basic sunglasses lenses, added the 400 uvb protection, added a note to match the Bose tint. All under $100.00. You can add premium lenses, other tints, clear, transitions etc. But keep in mind that the price goes up. Customer service is great. I dealt with a gentleman by the name of Mike and he kept me in the loop on the process. Excellent lenses, impeccable service. I am not going to answer any questions, other than it took 2 weeks shipped/return, original lenses were given back, you need to ship your glasses( I recommend in case you can’t swap them yourself, Or they cut your lenses incorrectly) and include a note with your prescription to add the Bose tint. No need to pay for the tint unless you choose a different colour. Also, they don’t to mirror finish I have done all of the leg work is done for you. Enjoy and stay safe!