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Nov 5, 2020

SPECSAVERS declines saying I can’t put prescription lenses!?!?!?!

it says everywhere I can put prescription lenses in the Bose frames TENOR! They just said no


what now? 


Re: SPECSAVERS declines saying I can’t put prescription lenses!?!?!?!



Thanks for reaching out! 


Can I please ask which region you are in?


 I ask as in the US only. For existing and new customers of the Bose ALTO/RONDO Frames, your warranty will now be upheld should you choose to add prescription lenses (sunglasses or other) to your Bose Frames through any licensed prescription lens installer. Other solutions will be announced as they become available for customers outside the US.


For the SOPRANO/ALTO/TEMPO These styles are "prescription-ready" Worldwide. This means that all customers can add prescription lenses to their Frames and your warranty will be upheld, in the US and internationally. 

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