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Nov 8, 2020

Tenor and Alto Prescriptions

Hello all! We are thinking of buying these glasses as Christmas gifts, but wondering about the prescription lenses. Are they something that have to be ordered with the glasses when you first get them, or can you get the prescription lenses later? Some of our friends that we would like to purchase them for have prescription glasses, and we do not know their prescription and if we ask for it, might ruin the gift surprise. So we would like to purchase the Tenor and Alto glasses, but wanted to make sure they could add prescription lenses later if wanted.

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Oct 8, 2020

Re: Tenor and Alto Prescriptions

Wow!  You have lucky friends...

To answer your question, there shouldn’t be any reason the Frames can’t have the prescription lenses put in later. Most optical shops are quite happy for a person to bring in their own frames and custom order just the lenses. I’ve done this with ordinary glasses.