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Aug 25, 2019

Unable to pair frame to mobile or ipad. Also unable to update firmware on frame

I recently purchased a new frame that was working with my android phone for the intial couple of days. It paired easily with the phone and connect app on the phone. 


After a few days that I also connected by sound sport to the same mobile phone and updated the firmware on the sound sport. My frame was lying around when I did this process. While the firmware on the soundsport was updated sucessfully, post that update to the sound sport, my frame stopped being detected on my phone.


Even i reinstalled the connect app, cleared cache on mobile and cleaned the device list on the frame, the connect app on the mobile phone, detects the frame as a sound sport headset but does not connect. ipad does not detect the frame and both devices are just waiting to connect.


The firmware on my frame is 3.0 and while i connect it through my laptop the update software correctly identifies the device as a frame and also reports that an firmware update exists ?(4.03).


When i try updating the firmware, the update process stops at 10% and I get a message that the "frame connection was lost". I have tried this process atleast 10 times from 2 seperate laptops. 


Also tried connecting the frame to an ipad after installing connect app on ipdad and that also did not work. I keep getting a "waiting to connect" messsage. 


I have cleared the device list from the frame and also deleted the connect app multiple time both on my phone and ipdad, but nothing has worked. 


Had purchased the frame in the US and am trying to update the firmware from India. 


My hypothesis is that either somethimg messed up when I was updating my soundsport firmware as my frame was kept nearby or the region change has caused the update to goof up. 


Please suggest some solutions.





Re: Unable to pair frame to mobile or ipad. Also unable to update firmware on frame

Hello Anuj,


Thanks for reaching out via the Bose Community. Welcome to the site. 


I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your Bose Frames. This is incredibly unusual. 


Can you kindly check to ensure the contacts of the frames are completely free of debris to ensure a solid uninterrupted connection when connecting the Frames to the computer for update. Please ensure you are visiting http://btu.bose.com on a browser such as Chrome and that you have a stable reliable internet connection.


Please also ensure you remove the Frames from your device's Bluetooth list fully by locating the name on the Bluetooth settings, tapping the ( i ) or cog, then tap forget device. 


Finally - if the issue continues to persist, please reach out to the support in your country for further assistance. Details can be located here


I hope this helps!


Kind regards, 


Jeff G - Community Support