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Nov 28, 2020

Which model of Bose sunglasses will not make my head look small


Just discovered these glasses at Best Buy on black Friday.  Loved them – audio is good and the microphone is sufficient to conduct speech recognition using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  So I can stream a podcast, dictate to my computer and – when I get replacement lenses – see the computer screen better.  All at the same time.


First purchased the Rondo but when I got home they look too hippy-ish.  Went back, exchanged and bought the Soprano and when I got home I felt like I looked like Max Headroom ( again no display item at Best Buy ). Maybe I’ve got a small head but the size of the lenses are just too darn big for my face. However, both sets fit my head and nose.


I want to return the Soprano and order the Alto small – even if I have to purchase from Best Buy online – Ibut does small mean that the lenses are smaller, or that the frames are made for smaller heads – I am really trying to get away from the Max Headroom look.


Also, I am probably going to order bifocal lens replacements – or reading glass replacements – any idea where the most inexpensive place to do that would be?