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Jan 4, 2020

audio confirmation on initiating Voice Assistant conversation

on Bose Tenor For some reason I don't hear sound after double tapping touchpad  that confirms that Voice Assistant is listening. This sound is there on Bose Alto.
Without it voice assistant is no longer useable. Especially considering that double taping a temple has no feedback comparing to long press of a button on Alto (as physical button gives you a certainty that it is pressed)
So without button and sound confirmation you never know if Voice Assistant has started or you just talking to your self. Rendering about 50% of smart glasses functionality useless for me.


Re: audio confirmation on initiating Voice Assistant conversation

Hi pashashapiro,


When activating the voice control on your frames, you should hear a tone to indicate that voice control is active so it is strange that you are not getting this tone. As you are not hearing the tone, does the voice assistant respond as it should, or do you get no response from the voice assistant when you double-tap the touchpad?


What device do you have the Frames connected to? If you connect them to another Bluetooth device and try and activate the voice assistant, do you hear the tone then?


I look forward to hearing back from you!






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