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Apr 3, 2020

installing lenses

bought my husband Bose frames for Christmas, just now got him some prescription lenses, and I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get them into the frames. the size/shape exactly matches the original black ones, but they're really thick. at least double the original.  once i get the top lined up, it kind of awkwardly wedges against the bottom of the lense opening. I've see tutorials on the internet where a hair dryer is used to slightly soften hard plastic frames to repair popped lenses. Would it hurt the electronics inside if i were to try this? Any other suggestions? I would take them to a lense crafters or something and ask for help, but, you know, social distancing. 


TL;DR: New lenses too thick to pop into bose frames


Re: installing lenses

Hey MorgaChilla, 


Prescription lenses in the Frames are only supported in the US. For existing and new customers, your warranty will now be upheld should you choose to add prescription lenses (sunglasses or other) to your Bose Frames through any licensed prescription lens installer. Other solutions will be announced as they become available for customers outside the US.


The Company Lensabl are able to provide lenses that will fit the Frames. I would not recommend using a hairdryer as this would most likely break the Frames. 


I hope this helps!

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