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Aug 25, 2020

no information

I recently (within the last week) bought a pair of altos from the local Bose store.  I received no information with the glasses when I bought them - there was nothing in the box other than the glasses and the case - no way to charge the things or any useful information whatsoever on how to set them up or use them.   How does one charge them?  Is there supposed to be a cable with them or something?  When I press that little gold button, the glasses say they are connected to something or other (the name of is unintelligible) which is interesting as I have never paired them with anything.  Where can I go to learn how to use them?  This BOSE website is extremely non-informative so I am turning to this forum out of complete and utter frustration.  HELP!!!!!!!!


Re: no information

Hello Kwarseck, 


Thanks for posting, I am happy to hear that you have chosen to buy our Frames. 


Here are the details to set up your Frames. Did you get a cloth bag with the charging lead in it? If not, please reach out to your local team by selecting your region here and scrolling to the bottom of the website until you see contact us and they will be able to help you get a charging cable. 

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