SoundTouch has never worked

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SoundTouch has never worked

December 2017, we purchased 5000 worth of stereo equipment including the LS650 and multiple sound touch speakers for around the home.
Needless to say, I am currently using my iPhone speaker to play nursery music for my napping infant. Regardless of the multiple speakers within 20 feet of me.

We have called customer service 10 times since January, have replaced 2 of the SoundTouch speakers, and never with any results.
Still, the SoundTouch app is a miracle if it will play anything on our speakers which are now just for looks since they don’t want to play. Either they can’t be found, or when they are found they won’t actually connect to SoundTouch. And Bluetooth never works either. So they are pointless.
We’ve replaced the router with the best router on the market to be sure we weren’t the problem - also should. Mention it is immediately adjacent to our 650 and it is almost never available or will play for more than 3 minutes then stop.

Are there any magical solutions that customer service tech support has failed to recognize? We have removed and re downloaded the app. Factory reset multiple times. Removed the spleaker from the app and re added it (from their end with remove log in to our laptop), and of course unplug and re plug in the speaker. They’ve gone through router settings. And still nothing.

We regret the system bc it doesn’t work, despite the quality sound. Please help
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Re: SoundTouch has never worked

Hi SScigliuto


Thank you for posting in the Community! Sorry to hear about the inconsistencies with the systems, but I would be happy to help!


  • Could you please provide the make/model of the router that you recently purchased?
  • There has been an update that has corrected a lot of connectivity issues that's been rolled out in phases.  If you haven't received it yet, the last phase will be tomorrow October 11, 2018.  I would recommend updating the app/systems to see if this will correct these issues.
  • Lastly, could you please let us know who your internet service provider is as well?


Let us know so we can further assist!


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support