bose QC 35 || headphone.

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bose QC 35 || headphone.

bose QC 35 || bass is to low and no sound effects in headphones.i waste my money in bose headphone.

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Re: bose QC 35 || headphone.

good feedback.


Re: bose QC 35 || headphone.

Hi Alex 0123


Thanks for posting, and I'm sorry to hear about the audio quality issue.  


If you could let us know what type of device you're connecting to as well as the make/model it would certainly help to narrow down the issue.  Also are you using this with the Bluetooth connection or with supplied cable?


Warm Regards,

Tony - Community Support 

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Re: bose QC 35 || headphone.

Dear Bose,
I just bought the QC 35 ii for ca.300$
I also own Sony mdr xb 950 n1, I think you know what I'm saying, but the real thing is, that the difference between the two is not only in bass effect or the price, the difference is in attitude and overall sound quality. The QC 35 deliver cheap, flat, bassless sound into my ears, especially when I'm listening Rock music, Hip Hop and Electro. Yes, it sounds a bit sharper with acoustic performance, but it's less than a 1% of all of the music made by humanity. Why you won't help me with any sort of bass improvement on QC 35 ii? Why won't you make a normal equaliser app for the 300$ earphones? Bass booster maybe? You do believe that a flat sound and embedded equaliser and nothing else, no choice opportunity, will be appreciated? Then you are wrong.
You won't believe how disappointed I'm right now. I can't even listen to Keane normally, is that the good effect?
FYI: I'm listening on both the iphone and android devices. No diff.
FYI: Bose connect app version 7.0
FYI: I won't go back to retail and give em back. A will keep them as a symbol of never again being such a fool buying any Bose product. Even with cars or embedded in the coffee pot, or where you actually embedded them.