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Jun 15, 2018

BUG in Bose Community Boards

Some of you may have seen this and got frustrated like I did (TWICE).  Sometimes I like to type very long responses and I get concerned that I may loose the data.  So I try to highlight everything and put it into the clipboard in case of a problem so I can later if necessary do a paste.

Now I know this board has an "AUTOSAVE" feature, but (1) I like to do it myself and (2) that is not an excuse for deleting my data - it's a bug.

Be careful NEVER to do the following (or something similar) until Bose fixes this board.  If

1. I highlight the text from the end back to the beginning (I do it with SHIFT and UP ARROW)

2. The beginning has a user's name which starts with @ such as "@joelirwin"

3. When positioned at the beginning and having the text highlighted, I hit ANY arrow key


Bose will then delete all the highlighted text following the "@".  I have not extensively tested this - I only tested it with the "@" name/text when positioned as the first character at the beginning.

What often has happened to me is I put my finger on the SHIFT key and the keep my finger down on the UP ARROW key expecting it to stop at the begining.  It makes it to the begining and since my finger is still down on the UP arrow key, all the highlighted text is DELETED!


To Bose - this is a bug on your community board causing users to lose data.  It needs to be identified in its totality and fixed ASAP!