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Nov 12, 2015

Forum message managment

I have noticed the Bose Community Lounge area has gotten very cluttered with requests for help, technical questions, unrelated topics and complaints. On other forums, the moderators do a little house keeping from time to time reassuring posts are sent to the correct topics. This would certainly be appreciated on the Bose Community.


Looking at the Lounge for example messages range from tech questions to complaints. This clutter makes it difficult to share posts about music, movies, performances, reviews and recommendations and other lifestyle topics that the forum was intended. Despite the bold notices at the beginning of the section to post tech questions elsewhere.



Songs you're listening to, artists, concerts, and anything else related to music
The latest episodes, movies and anything you're watching on your home theater systems
Reviews & Recommendations
Share your audio, home theater, or wellness product reviews and recommendations or ask the community for their suggestions
Forum Feedback & Requests
Let us know what you think of the community


Recommendatiion: Assign a moderator, on an ongoing basis to cleanup the Lounge area and move non Lounge topics to other more appropriate sections.




Re: Forum message managment

Hello rickatk,


Thank you very much for your message regarding the community management on the forum. 


We thoroughly appreciate this feedback and this will be passed across the team to make the community better for our users. 


Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. 


Kind regards,


Tegan M - Community Support