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Oct 18, 2019


As a loyal customer to BOSE, I like BOSE products much. Not only because it is based in MA and the HQ building to my house is about 20 mins, but also the DNA and culture from Dr. BOSE from MIT.


BUT I find the BOSE Official Website is ugly and not a good layout for user to search and browse the product. The User Interface experience is very poor and that DOES NOT match BOSE product quality and reputation for its product at all. It seems to me I buy a Porsche, and get some very low quality accessories from dealer. It does not impact the quality of my Porsche, but I do not like it.


I bought a BEATS headphone before with the fancy design and fashion, but the voice is horrible and even not as good as my $10 headphone I bought from China street store.  However, their WEBSITE is terrific design and greatly upgrade to their product level ( That always can fool people to buy their products) .



I rate BOSE product as A+, and website is B-, while BEATS product is B_ and website is A+


Does anyone agree with my rating?