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Dec 13, 2018

How you deal with Counterfeit products

Hello, I am Bose lovers from Thailand


Since my friends visited my house and has been impressed with my Bose products (111, 301)


He bought one, And being disappointed with his speaker until I visited him.


What I found is his new 301 is the counterfeit products bought from online shopping website "Lazada" in Thailand


I'm exploring it now and see a lot of counterfeit products in that website which are ready to disappoint anyone who bought it and will make overall image of Bose in to a bad ways (If they don't realized it is a fake one)


Please see it 




Please try explore more, You will see a lot.


I just want to know how you will manage it in terms of brand owner, All counterfeit product always disappointed all user.


Re: How you deal with Counterfeit products

Hi Natthanun, 


Thank you very much for contributing to the community. 


We appreciate any feedback in regards to counterfeit products. We do our best to take action on these cases and I will forward this onto the relevant department.


We recommend that you only purchase Bose products from your regions official Bose website or via an authorised third party retailer. If you are ever unsure on the legitimacy of a website or piece of advertisement please contact us and we can confirm with you whether or not this is an official deal or seller.


Kind regards,

Tegan M - Community Support 

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