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Nov 4, 2019

Phone Support

When I call product support for help when a wrong product was sent to me, all I get is a bunch of advertising that go on and on.  This does not connect me to a live person that can help me.  How do I get a real person  on the phone?   Doesn't Bose phone support work anymore?


Also, I see that no one is available for chat either.  I wonder what is going on with Bose.  This just leaves me frustrated with Bose.


Re: Phone Support

Hello TPStanley,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Bose Community.


I'm truly sorry to hear about the issues you are facing when trying to contact our support team. 


In order for me to provide the most accurate information, could you please confirm the region that you are located in?


Warm regards,

Charlotte G - Community Support