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Sep 14, 2018

SoundTouch not working



all my SoundTouch players stopped working. I can’t acces any radio channels or Spotify. In the app it is not possible to add any radio channels. My Spotify playlists are still visible but can’t be used. Radio channels are not visible at all. Have you tried to update something again?


Re: SoundTouch not working

Hello Nikalas1965, 


Thanks for reaching out today. 


I am sorry to hear that you have encountered some issues with your SoundTouch speakers. I would love to help you get back up and running again. 


Before we begin troubleshooting, I would like to confirm a few things: 

  1. Are you connected to Wifi when this is happening? 
  2. Have you recently changed your Wifi password or any settings? 
  3. Which SoundTouch speakers do you have? 

Once I have this information, I will be able to assist you further. 


Kind Regards,

Vicky W - Community Support