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Oct 15, 2020

Mic Monitoring

I just received my new Bose QC35 gaming headset and Im a little disappointed I can’t hear myself while talking. If the PC Desktop controller only works for PC, is there a way to enable mic monitoring if you are gaming on an Xbox??

My mic monitoring is turned on in my Xbox settings 


Re: Mic Monitoring

Hello AustinKeen, 


When you have a compatible headset connected to a controller, you will see a new setting appear in the Xbox guide under the System tab. This new setting will read Audio and it will have an icon of a speaker on the left side of it.

Once in this setting, you should see three different options:

  1. Headset volume, which allows you to configure how much output your headset or earphones are outputting.
  2. Headset chat mixer, can be used to configure the balance of in-game audio to Party chat audio.
  3. Mic monitoring, this provides you with the ability to configure if you can hear your voice through the headset when you speak into the microphone.

Again, this option will only appear if your headset does not allow you to configure these options physically [such as via the cable your headset has or an adapter that you must use to connect your headset onto your controller].


I hope this helps!

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