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Sep 27, 2020

Will the QC 35 II utilize the PS5'S Tempest engine?

Will the QC 35 II utilize the PS5'S Tempest engine for 3D Audio when using the headset on the PS5? I plan on getting a PS5 and would love to use this headset for the PS5. 


Re: Will the QC 35 II utilize the PS5'S Tempest engine?

Hi TimeTravelerNate,


Welcome to the Community, thanks for posting!


It's great to hear you are wanting to use the QC35 II headset with the PS5 when you get it! I wouldn't be able to say for certain whether it will utilize the Tempest Audio Engine as it does depend on how Sony are planning on implementing this for 3rd party headsets. From what I can find on the Tempest Audio Engine though it does seem like Sony is designing it around standard headphones, so I see no reason why you would not be able to take advantage of this with your QC35's but as I said I would not be able to say for certain.


In the information I found, it sounds like the Tempest Audio Engine handles the 3D audio using software and hardware inside the PS5 itself, that will work with audio timing effects and other smart processing to ensure sound is delivered in a way that would be natural if you were actually in the game's environment. If this is the case then I see no reason why it wouldn't work on any headphones connected to the PS5.


I'd definitely recommend reaching out to Sony as well, to see if 3rd party headphones will be able to support 3D audio or if it's only their 1st party headphones that can support this.


I'm sorry I couldn't give a definitive answer but I hope this helps!

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