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Apr 2, 2020

About to return NC headphone 700

Sorry to say that I am disappointed with buying the NC700 series after using it for a week. The main concern is that the product is unstable together with Skype for Business:


- Skype for business deep freezes when multiple bluetooth devices are connected to the headset - requiring a hard power off for the laptop (5 minute wait was not enough)

- Detection of active bluetooth device is not working (not released by laptop on win10)

- Due to above issues I need to disable/enable bluetooth so that only one device is connected

- Sometimes explainable noise input on microphone with skype

- Microphone volume on the low side even at maximum setting

- Volume of own voice very low (skype only)

- Unstable bluetooth connection (distance phone <1 meter) causing music micro interruptions (android)

- Initial pairing with phone troublesome as it required several attempts (product activation failed)

- After disconnecting from charger - full night charging - it tells me 8-10 hours battery life, switch it off again and it becomes 16 hours.


The noise cancellation is awesome and allows working relaxed even with kids jumping around, but unfortunately there are cannot-work-with items on the list above....