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Jul 2, 2019

Alarms not coming through hearphones

Because of the excellent noise cancellation I'm really enjoying these hearphones, on the bus, in noisy steets, and at the gym but for some reason my alarms don't sound through them and text message notifications don't come through.  I don't have that problem with other BT head sets so I wonder why I have this problem with these. 

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Dec 23, 2016

Re: Alarms not coming through hearphones

Hi mikecox,


Thank you for joining the Bose Hear Community. 


Have you checked your Bluetooth settings on the phone to see if there is an option for notifications when connected to a Bluetooth device?


Can you stream Bluetooth audio to your Hearphones (music, phone calls)?


What operating system is your phone?  Alarms do not play through wireless headphones or speakers on iOS devices.  <- please follow the link and you'll this note at the bottom: 
"If you use iOS 11 or later and you connect headphones or speakers to your iPhone, the alarm plays at a set volume through the built-in speakers on your iPhone as well as wired headphones and speakers. It doesn't play through wireless headphones and speakers."