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Jan 24, 2019


Recently bought a pair of Soundsport earbuds through Bose online to replace my old set of IE2's which still work but the sheething around the cable has disintegrated and looks trashy. I did call and ask Bose if they had any suggestions and that I was a long time buyer blah blah blah can you replace them for me but was told no and to just buy a new pair. I always see these reviews were people claim "Bose replaced them free of charge and they weren't even in warranty" well that didn't happen for me. Must not have liked my Texas accent. So I'm off to buy a pair of comparable earbuds from Bose. I settle on the almost always half priced Soundsports. I thought "hey, my old set cost a $100 and these msrp at $100 they are probably the same if not better. Right? No. Very much NO. I can see why they are always half price. These will probably last forever too like that cheap pair of sunglasses you buy and can't lose. The difference was so much that i thought about cutting the actual bud off the old pair and splicing it on to the new cable. Audiophiles I don't need to hear why that wouldn't work it was just a humorous thought. (unless it would work then by all means let me know) So to make a long story boring I hate the new earbuds and the only way they compare to my IE2's is in looks alone. I have owned a couple of Wave radios, a couple sets of earbuds, CineMate home speakers, two portable bluetooth speakers and the Free Space 51 outdoor speakers and this is the first time i have ever been disappointed by Bose.  I know they probably couldn't care less since this it the cheapest product they sell but come on Bose you're better than this. Your name is still on it and Amar Bose wouldn't like this. 


Sidenote: They do however sound better than the crappy Beats earbuds I bought my kids for Christmas. Dr Dre, do you try the products you put your name on? Yikes!Oldbutgood.PNGNewbutcrappy.PNG

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Hi simpkg,


Thanks for writing in and sorry to hear about the issues you've experienced!


The SoundSport In-Ear headphones were stress tested and performed quite a bit better than the IE2 headset so this is certainly odd that this issue started happening.  I would recommend reaching out to support one more time as they should be able to replace this within warranty if they were purchased less than a year ago.  HERE is a link, just select your country and Contact Us at the bottom of the page.


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support