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Mar 29, 2020

Bluetooth research safety etc

I have been a BOSE fan since 1978 when I purchased my 901's. Through the years BOSE has filled my home with many great sounds, most recently through soundsport ear buds of varying types and colors.

I have been looking forward to going wireless but I will not until I see some reasonable research regarding bluetooth and its proximity to the head ALL THE TIME.

So I am inquiring both of BOSE and the community, if you have any research articles newer than 2016 that help shed light onto the safety of bluetooth when it is in close proximity to cell tissue, (ie the head/ear/neck), I would really love to read up.

Please, nothing anecdotal, I am not interested in opinions about safety but rather, the science. This is just as someone would not be interested in my opinions in opposition, unless I have data. Unfortunately there is some significant data to support NOT going wireless because of proximity. I would like to know more and am surprised that there is not more data on this matter. Perhaps due to the desire to have convenience at any cost? Thanks for what you can send my way.