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Dec 23, 2016

Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling™ technology and World Volume

We’ve had several requests related to Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling™ technology and World Volume.  I thought it would be helpful to give you more information about how these two features function.


Let’s start here: Noise Cancelling is always lowering the level of the environment (similar to the Bose QC30 when you have the noise cancelling set to maximum). We do not reduce the noise cancelling as you change the World Volume.  It is always at 100%.


World Volume controls how much and in what manner you add part of the world back in.


At World Volume 0 and below we try to keep the world sounding as natural as possible. As you turn up above World Volume 0 we start trading off naturalness to maximize speech intelligibility and comfort.


I hope this new information is helpful.


What follows is what we’ve previously said about World Volume.


World Volume is the primary controller for Bose Hearphones. Just like the volume setting on the phone controls the loudness of the customer’s music, podcast and phone calls, the World Volume setting controls the loudness of live voices, TV and other environmental sounds. Each customer adjusts the World Volume so that it’s just right for them and for each place they are.


  • Above “0,” the Bose Hearphones will amplify the environment in a special way: Quiet sounds are amplified more than loud sounds so that all sounds can be heard, but none are uncomfortable. This is helpful when the customer needs to hear conversation in acoustically challenging environments.


  • At “0,” the environment will sound as loud as it would if the Bose Hearphones weren’t worn.


  • Below “0,” the Bose Hearphones will reduce sounds in the environment. This is useful so that the customer can escape loud environmental sounds and either focus on their smartphone content or just enjoy the quiet.


The World Volume can be adjusted on the device or using the app. All World Volume settings use Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling™ technology.