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Jan 25, 2019

Bose Free Soundsport audio sync

I'm done with Bose headphones....  and its so disappointing.

I've had the headphones for probably 6 months and whilst they are excellent for listening to music they are next to useless for watching video on any platform.

The audio is completely out of sync regardless of device.. I've tried them on an iPhone 8, Heuwai Mate 20 Pro, Kindle, Macbook Pro.. none of them sync audio properly on any of the main platforms (youtube, netflix, amazon prime).

I have upgraded the firmware, done all the suggestions that their support suggests (which is near on impossible to contact and get a stright anwser from).

I bought a pair of £30 shark wireless headphones as a test and they worked and sync'd on all the above and audio was in perfect sync.

I'm back at the airport today and will be buying some more headphones and I guarantee they will not be Bose... what a complete waste of money and time and from such a high regarded player in the audio business.