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Dec 30, 2019

Bose NC 700 Headphones - Poor Sound Quality

I just received a pair of these headphones as a gift from my wife.  Previously, I had been using beats Studio Pro's, going through 2 of them over the last 5+ years.  I knew going in that the Bose would have a different sound profile than Beats, but was extremely surprised as to how poor they sound!  The Noise cancelling itself is phenomenal, but the actual sound quality of the music sounds like I am listening to cheap $10 headphones from the drug store.  Extremely flat sound, with nearly non-existent bass.  I have two galaxy note 10's, so i thought I would do a side by side with the two headphones.  I then manually went into the equalizer on the Beats and set all the ranges to the minimum to make it completely flat- and they sounded about the same (although even at flat the Beats had a slightly better sound.)  


I've got to know, are the Bose just going to be that flat?  Something really doesn't seem right here- these do not sound like $350 headphones.


Any suggestions on how to fix them if it is a settings issue?  Is there a better way to adjust the sound on these?  If not, this will be a definite return to the store.