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Apr 14, 2020

Bose NC 700 and M4A music files

So far, over the week or so I've had these, they've worked fine. No connection drops, no audio issues, and the noise cancellation is amazing. 


Today however I have apparently played music by an artist I haven't tested these with yet. I have a few MP3, a few FLAC, and a few M4A from I believe back when I used to own an iPod touch. The odd thing is, they won't play. I've restarted the apps, reconnected the headset, all short of restarting my phone. I may soon do that, but I don't believe it is necessary as in all other cases my phone plays them fine. It is not an issue of unsupported formats, at least not as far as the device hardware is concerned. 

What happens? Well, to put it accurately, nothing. No error messages, no lockups, no disconnects, just total silence.

So my questions is whether this is a known issue. Is there a firmware update I should download? Is this a known incompatibility? (Slowly replacing all my M4A with more versatile music files anyway so if it is that isn't a total problem, I'd just like to know.)

Phone is a Pixel 3, should be running the latest patches for Android 10.