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Apr 17, 2020

Bose NC700 - Constent choppy audio when connecting to PC



I have been attempting to get my Bose 700 NC headphones to connect to my PC, and have finally gotten to the point where they show up as valid audio devices, however the audio is choppy to the point of not being usable. it doesnt work more then it does.

i have done a lot of digging around, messing with bluetooth settings, and the only thing that i can see being an issue is this attached media. The speakers themselves seem to be attempting to start working off of the a2dp standard while the PC is trying to use the bluetooth avrcp standard. i saw that the NC700's are supposed to be compatible with the avrcp bluetooth standard. is there a way to force the headsets into using the avrcp standard instead of attempting to connect to my pc on a2dp? has anyone been able to resolve any stuttering issues?


Further note: the only bluetooth services enabled right now are the Audio Sink and Remote control. I have tried every combo of Services and this is the only one that will both recognize i have an audio output device connected and give me the least choppy audio (still not usable though)