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May 20, 2019

Bose QC 35 - Horrible creaking Noise from left ear cup. Noise cancellation amplifies it.

Good day, I have been dealing with a horribly annoying creaking noise coming from the left ear cup area. To be more specific it’s where the earcup connects to the band(moving plastic on plastic). The creaking sounds then get amplified with the headphones/ noise cancelling turned on.
I contacted via email, which I was replied to with a bunch of troubleshooting, including resetting the headset and updating the firmware.. but honestly it has nothing to do with the firmware, it’s a structural issue. The email suggest that if the trouble shooting did not work to call a provided Bose customer service number and to sum up how that went; there’s nothing they will do. My sister had an issue with her sound link colour and they wouldn’t do anything also. I thought Bose had good customer service? I’m disappointed as I own many Bose BT devices and I consider replacing my Yamaha Dxr PAs with a Bose professional set. I highly doubt that now. It’s not every day, month or year you can just sink 4-500$$ on a pair of headphones. If I’m paying a premium price for these “premium” headphones than I expect them to be premium, along with premium customer service. There is certainly no incentive to purchase further products from Bose. Only reason I haven’t bought the new Sony NC headphone is a) the money b) the limitations of not being able to connect from one device to the other. A fine feature of the QC 35s. And don’t get me wrong, I love my QC35s, aside from that amplified creaking noise. Perhaps Ill look into sinnheiser next.

Re: Bose QC 35 - Horrible creaking Noise from left ear cup. Noise cancellation amplifies it.

Hi TherapyByMusic, 


Thank you for taking the time to post and welcome to the community!


I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment with the customer service you have experienced thus far. 


However, as we are unable to facilitate any kind of service through the community. I would suggest contacting your local technical support for assistance. You can find the details by clicking HERE, selecting your country of residence and scrolling down to 'Contact Us'. Hopefully, they will be able to assist you with your complaint. 


Have a great day!




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