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Jan 8, 2019

Bose QC 35 II keeps disconnecting/reconnecting on update 3.1.8




   I've got an issue on my One plus 3 with the QC35 II - the headset keeps diconnecting and then reconnecting every 5 minutes. 

   The one plus 3 is on android 9.0.0 firmware


   I've looked trough te previous solutions, and also tried the following troubleshooting steps: 

  • reset the headset, chare 1 minute, unplug, wait 30 sec.
  • reset the headset's pairing list (long pressing the on swith to the right)
  • deleting and re-pairing the phone
  • deleting data from Bose Connect app and re-pairing
  • +resetting and setting up headset in google assistant again
  • updating the firmware to the latest available (3.1.8) trought the app
  • updating the firmware to latstes tavailable (3.1.8) trough bose updater on PC


    Unfortunately none of these helped. There is usually between 5-15 minutes between disconnecting. 

    After it disconnects it reconnects itself but it is unable to play any sound, so I have to switch it on and off again.


    Is there anything else I can try to solve this problem?


 Kind Regards,