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Jan 30, 2019

Bose QC 35 ii (Blue Limited Edition)

Dear Forum Members,


I have been using Bose earphones/headphones for over 10 years now. I have recently lost my QC 35 (I). But since I have been using Bose for so long.. I decided not to experiment with something else.. and hence opted for QC35 (Series II) - Midnight Blue "Limited Edition".

I bought it two days back. But two days since the listening i have below observations:

1. The quality of the sound is as expected outstanding. So no complains about it.


2. I am not sure what is so special about the limited edition. Except the colour - which itself is not that distinctive.Nor the logo on the side of the earphones.

3. The Carrying case - it is very cheap looking compare to the QC 35 (Series 1) - which have stiched and posh looking feeling to it. The current one is kind of screen printed on the Bose. Anybody with screenprinting knowledge can do it with little effort.

4. The quality of the carrying case is very flimsy. I am not sure whether this is a limited edition for flimsy quality?

5. Inline flight adaptor has gone missing. And so does the inline-flight adaptor space - which also used to keep the headphone in its place in the case.

6. So now - now I am having a case - in which I am most likely to lose the charging cable due to too much empty space available in the box. Bose could have provided some sockets to neatly put the cables away instead of an elastic space.
9. I am wondering why Bose couldn't keep the quality of the previous releases? These headphones cost £329. Bose could have surely do better with the quality looking case.

10. I am getting frequent drop in the voice. All of a sudden movie/music goes quiet and then appear again. I scrolled through the forum but not much joy there. I have also updated the firmware using the USB and have tried steps to shutdown - charge with USB for sometime- restart it etc etc.

11. So what are my options here except returning it?  Any help?


Many Thanks